Welcome to the Gatineau Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic - a positive alternative to waiting for orthopaedic surgery in the public health system.

Many patients wait months for orthopaedic surgery in the public system, with little or no alternative but to continue waiting.  The Gatineau Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic offers a solution in the form of private surgery in one of two fully-accredited private surgical facilites, conveniently located in the National Capital Region.  All equipment, instruments and safety procedures are of the same level of quality as are found in the hospital setting.  All procedures are performed by certified orthopaedic surgeons supported by trained staff and technicians.

Patients covered under WSIB and some private insurance plans can now access to surgery quickly and efficiently.  Patients without private coverage but for whom further waiting is undesirable can also benefit from immediate access to our services.  The benefits of private services are worth considering for all patients in need of orthopaedic surgery.  Our surgeons and anaesthetists are paid by OHIP/RAMQ for surgeries performed on OHIP/RAMQ patients so our fees cover only our facility, support staff and business costs.

The performance of minor orthopaedic surgeries in this ambulatory setting leaves more operating room time available at community hospitals for day surgery, joint replacements and other in-patient procedures. 


 Quick and easy access to assessments and treatments
 Affordable (Please contact us regarding pricing for specific procedures.)
 Personalized care
 Improved quality of life and a rapid return to daily activities